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Koneistamo Alm is a company specialized in system deliveries and subcontracting. We strive to serve our customers flexibly and with high quality so that they will get the services they need from one place. Our skilled personnel provide a good level of productivity and quality as well as secured supply and competitive price.


We supply our ready and tested mechanics assemblies. The assemblies consist of both the components we have manufactured and the purchasing parts. We will also perform the final test if necessary. The tested entity is delivered to the customer on one order line. Customers benefit from ease of delivery and control and improved manageability.

Assemblies consist of machined mechanics and welded components as well as wiring harnesses, circuit boards, coupling housings, pneumatics and valves. We take care of you, so you can concentrate on adding value to your own products.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our customers’ needs flexibly and versatile, delivering high-quality configurations, components and services. Profitable cooperation with customers is always the foundation of our existence.

Set of values

Customer orientation, customer service

  • The customer trusts us. And we trust our own people.
  • Each business day is funded by a satisfied customer.
  • The next job / process step is the most important customer.
  • We can solve our customers’ problems.

Quality, high-class workmanship

  • All work tasks are important.
  • Valuing your work – attitude and professionalism in all our doing
  • Making profitable and continuous improvement
  • We learn from our mistakes.


  • We can ask for advice from a co-worker and we can also advise a coworker.
  • We are developing with each other by supporting and guiding.
  • We do not sit on the knowledge, but we share our expertise with each other.
  • The group makes us better.


We are a competent and high quality partner for our customers as well as a major player in system and component deliveries of industry measurement, analysis and control equipment.

Our way of working, quality / environmental policy

Our goal is to be a good and high quality partner for our customers and partners. We respond to the achievement of agreed quality objectives throughout the supply chain.

For our employees, we want to be a desired and valued workplace in our community, where occupational safety and environmental issues are handled exemplarily. We are constantly developing good cooperation with us. Internal and external quality misalignments are handled well.

We comply with all ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards in our operations. We are committed to our actions to prevent pollution in all our operations. We check our quality and environmental goals every year and communicate them clearly to our staff.

Good news travel far – we believe that a good supplier is trusted and our expertise must appear in every delivery as a good quality level. It is also the best guarantee for our development and for doing so far to the future.